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NIS is a private school located in Jaleeb Al Shyoukh opposite the new Kuwait University campus in Shadadiya. The number of students in a classroom range from 9 to 22. Before launching the school, NIS signed an affiliation agreement with Kennesaw State University, Georgia, USA.
The main goal of the affiliation agreement is to keep our staff up to date in order to serve our students with the highest quality of education. The fundamental goal of NIS is to educate our students in a holistic manner. This means that we develop them academically, hone their physical skills, inculcate a strong grasp of life values, and enhance positive emotional and personal characteristics. Our mission is to graduate students that are empowered to achieve the best of their abilities as well as to reach their intellectual and personal potential.

Al-Nibras Schools Block 4 Street 
200 Jeleeb Al-Shuyoukh Farwaniya District , Kuwait


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