Part of the inclusive vocation of Al Nibras International Bilingual School (NIS), the Intervention Department provides students who are identified with learning difficulties with a number of services some of which are academic and some are therapeutic.

The Academic services 

*Arabic intervention 

*English intervention 

*Math Intervention 

The Therapeutic services 

                     *Speech Therapy

                     *Occupational Therapy


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The role of the Guidance and Counseling Department is to accompany students’ progress and safeguard their social\emotional and academic well-being by ensuring that:

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●     Fully equipped medical clinic

●    Two full-time nurses

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Al - Nibras International Bilingual School (NIS) PE Department always tries to promote lifetime values, which are related to physical education and health-related subject. During the PE lessons, our students obtain not only valuable physical skills and lifetime knowledge concerning the healthy lifestyle but also leadership skills needed for a lifetime.

The PE Department provides the opportunity to our students to master their skills via after school clubs programs e.g. self-defense, baseball and so. Those activities vary according to the students’ level of performance and are age-appropriate.  

During the academic year, we organize multiple sports events, such as inner school competitions, NIS Sports Day and fathers vs. sons football matches that are accompanied by the team’s trophies. Individual medals are granted to the best-performing students.

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NIS is applying Genius Map, which is a special mathematics program, based on the use of Soroban or Abacus, an ancient mathematical tool used for calculating basic number operations.

 Genius Map aims to develop an ability to master the skills of solving problems mentally, to improve children’s memory, concentration, judgment, observation, imaginative and critical thinking, logical and analytical reasoning ability and time management skills. In addition, it aims to build self-confidence and to improve discipline while teaching learners speed and accuracy. But most of all, it serves as a venue for more opportunities to think, share and have fun while learning. All these abilities and skills help the learners improve their overall academic achievements. 

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Al-Nibras library serves students, parents, faculty and staff with a joint collection of digital and print materials using Follett’s web-based Destiny library system. It is equipped with a projector and computer area for students and staff for further reading and research.

Students and parents can access Destiny from a location outside the school in order to check the catalog, log into their accounts, and hold their preferred book.

Students visit the library with their teacher once a week for English and Arabic alternatively. Students can check out one book at a time, librarians teach lessons in which many skills are combined: reading genres, research strategies, and library information skills.

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