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Al Nibras International Bilingual School (NIS), established in 2009, is licensed by the Kuwait Ministry of Education, Private Sector, and provides inclusive educational programs for PreK-12 students. NIS is a member of UNESCO's Global Network of Schools. It is located in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Farwaniya District, Kuwait, and housed on a campus of approximately 18,000 square meters. 

The faculty and staff are multinational, multiethnic, and multicultural. Beyond academic programs, multidisciplinary learning specialists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, social workers, counselors, and physiotherapists provide the needed support services.

NIS adopts the Common Core State Standards, with additional programs like Genius MAP, and STEM (Robotics). The core facilities of NIS include classrooms fitted with modern technology, laboratories for science and computer, gymnasium, library, outdoor playgrounds, canteen, swimming pool, theatre, health clinic, and sensory integration room. Further, the disabled-friendly building features wide corridors, ramps, elevators, and adequate doorways that allow for free movement.

We believe that the best path to social inclusion is through educational inclusion, in which students, with or without difficulties are respectfully and equally served. Therefore, fostering a learning environment in which, inclusion is a key strategy, will develop learning to reach mutual acceptance and equal opportunities. Our students are challenged in their work to learn and to reach their full potential. We aim to have a full understanding of their abilities, so that we can modify and differentiate according to their needs.

Since 2014, NIS has graduated six classes of high school students. Graduates have been enrolled in national and international universities or vocational programs studying medicine, engineering, business administration, finance, aviation, dentistry, law, and human resources, among other areas of study.

As NIS continues facing challenges, it continues also, and at the same time, moving toward sustainable and consistent development, growth, and quality assurance. It keeps providing every possible support to children, parents, staff and community.


Al-Nibras Schools Block 4 Street 
200 Jeleeb Al-Shuyoukh Farwaniya District , Kuwait


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