PTA is a social organization within the school campus that aims at establishing the connection between the educational institution and the local society to increase efficiency of student educational support and contribution in developing local society. The PTA also supports and encourages relationships and heightens school spirit between students, teachers, parents and community. 

Major Concepts of the Parent-Teacher Association


True and serious interest in charge-free public and social service.


Cooperation is an essential characteristic of committee members from within for team spirit.


       Respecting others – respecting different cultures – freedom of expression – belief in positive discussion to agree on suggested issues, practicing rights and implementing decisions in accordance with current regulations.


It includes two elements “Criticism – Evaluation” along with negative and positive attitudes.

Individual Belief 

Every individual owns his intellectual privacy and capabilities, and is able to cooperate with others whenever there is a chance and required support.

Objectives of Parent-Teacher Association, as follows:

Strengthen relations and common cooperation between parents and teachers in a mutual respected manner to support the educational process and students.

Establish the spirit of democracy among students and enable them to acquire information, knowledge morals, and right attitudes that help in social and national belonging.

Promote individual and volunteering efforts of members to spread the social contribution and cooperation in educational support.

Express viewpoints of the school and the members on the ways of elevating the educational process and getting over the confronted problems and obstacles.

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