Mission, Vision & Believes

Our Mission

Our students will be empowered to achieve the best of their abilities and reach their intellectual and personal potential. They shall become independent, productive, and integrated in their society through their life-long learning journey. This will be accomplished by implementing a complete, well studied systematic inclusion system using our holistic approach in an attractive, safe, and nurturing environment.

Our services are provided by a highly competent, experienced, and multidisciplinary staff for whom integrity in work, transparency, and respect of individual differences are core values.

“Together We Can Make The Difference”

Our Vision

We envision our students as successful individuals, proud of their identity, believing in themselves, enjoying learning, excelling in work and dedicated to achieve.

“Everyone Has The Right To Success”

Our Believes

We believe:

  • In the value and importance of EARLY INTERVENTION.
  • That INCLUSION is a key strategy to enhance learning
  • That INCLUSION is the means to achieve ACCEPTANCE of self and others.
  • That everyone has RIGHTS to claim and DUTIES to fulfill.
  • That everyone has the right to EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES in learning, in employment, and in living
  • That everyone will PARTICIPATE in the progress of his/her nation.
  • In the necessity of DIVERSITY to live and learn together for the benefit of everyone.

Al-Nibras Schools Block 4 Street 
200 Jeleeb Al-Shuyoukh Farwaniya District , Kuwait


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