Middle school bridges the elementary school and high school. At middle school level students become independent and responsible for their own studies and decisions. The curriculum provides students with the necessary core subjects such as Math, English and Arabic languages, Arabic and English social studies, Islamic, Computers and a variety of elective subjects such as Art, Music, French, Photography and Health and Fitness. The curriculum focuses on building the student’s critical thinking, problem-solving and presentation skills within differentiated instruction in an inclusive educational environment, which caters to students’ individual needs. Our curriculum contributes to the students’ social, emotional and cognitive growth. Students receive intervention and remedial sessions based on their academic needs.

High school curriculum urges students to seek knowledge through extensive reading and research, which prepares them with rigorous content to meet university requirements. The curriculum provides students with extensive core subject studies that are considered as extension from middle school. Students work collaboratively in a competitive educational environment with their classmates to think critically, build on prior knowledge, make connections and analyze problems to draw conclusions. The school administration and school counselor work collaboratively with students and head of departments to provide students with career guidance and academic support to achieve IELTS/TOEFL and SAT exams.


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