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  • Dear Students
  • It is my pleasure to welcome you at the beginning of our new academic year, and on behalf of all Al-Nibras Bilingual International School staff members, I wish you all a prosperous year filled with success and achievements.

  • We would like to share with you:

  • Our vision, the dream, that we and your parents share, and that you will achieve.
  • Our mission, our commitment to provide you with all the necessary care and education through your schooling journey.
  • Our beliefs, the values and the pillars of this school community.

  • Success is a beautiful word that carries hopes. Success is hope at the beginning, achievement at the end, with perseverance and effort in between.
  • You, at Al-Nibras, carry the motto belief:
  •                                                               “Success is everyone’s right”

  • Since success is a legitimate right, remember that with every right you gain, there is a responsibility for which you are bound. Do not be selective in claiming your rights without committing to your responsibilities; this is life.

  • Our membership in UNESCO's Global Network of Schools is to promote our vision, mission, and beliefs. It is an addition to our outstanding services, enrichment for the school and the student’s relationship with the community and the environment locally and globally, and a window to gain experience from different cultures worldwide.

  • Work hard to learn and gain knowledge. Take advantage of everything that is provided to you through your educational journey. Discover your talents, and build your abilities, because you are the hope of this nation and its future.

  • Dear Parents
  • We promise that your children will enjoy a safe and organized educational environment through advanced curricula, support services,  academic and social care that will address their needs with your participation, and through our motto mission:
  •                                               "Together, we make the difference”

  • which will be achieved by the presence of the Parents and Teachers’ Council, to whom we extend our thanks and gratitude for their interest and effort in positive and effective participation. We wish them every success.

  • Among the most important programs and services that we have been keen to add to our curricula:  “The methodology of the learning in the twentieth century,” according to UNESCO. It has four pillars considered as basic principles to reshape education for sustainable development:

  • Learning to know, to provide the cognitive tools required to better comprehend the world and its challenges, and to provide an appropriate and adequate foundation for future learning.
  • Learning to do, to provide the skills, which would enable individuals to effectively participate in the global economy and society.
  • Learning to be, to provide self-analytical and social skills, to enable individuals to develop to their fullest potential psycho-socially, effectively as well as physically, for an all-round complete person.
  • Learning to live together, to expose individuals to the values implicit in human rights, democratic principles, intercultural understanding, respect, and peace at all levels of society and human relationships, to enable individuals and societies to live in peace and harmony.

  • Finally, this school handbook is intended to provide you with an overview of school rules, policies, and grading system. It is advisable to share it with your children. As we affirm the school management’s readiness to clarify any inquiry and provide you with all the necessary help and support, we wish everyone success.

  • Sincerely yours,

  • Dr. Nora Saleh Al Dhahiri
  • School Director and Founder

Al-Nibras Schools Block 4 Street 
200 Jeleeb Al-Shuyoukh Farwaniya District , Kuwait


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