The first cohort of grade 12 students graduated from Al Nibras International Bilingual School (NIS) by the end of the  2013/2014 Academic School Year.

NIS celebrated the graduation of the sixth group last academic year 2018/2019. The number of graduates so far has reached 104 students, most of whom gained admission to complete university studies in different countries. USA and UK were their preferred destinations; however, Canada came in the third place. The alumni is distributed over many prestigious undergraduate institutions in these countries.

Some of NIS students selected to complete their undergraduate study inside Kuwait, but few students joined the military forces and the police department.

The alumni choices for university study were distributed amongst various majors such as engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, business administration, graphic design, and many other majors.

Our alumni still keep good contact with us; they pay visits to the school during their breaks, and they contribute to organizing and running the seniors’ activities especially the graduation ceremonies. 

NIS also hosts them frequently to talk about their experiences in determining their majors and enrolling process. Thus, their experiences represent a platform for their colleagues to start planning for the academic and career life

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